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Debate monsters, recruit friends, and start a movement! In this wholesome and approachable card battler/deck builder, you use the debate skills in your card decks to convince opponents to join your cause. Balance your team and your decks carefully – or you won’t be able to save magic!

In KreatureKind, the world’s Mana Well is running dry, which means that magic is on the verge of disappearing forever. A group of teens set out to try and save magic, by recruiting people and monsters to their cause.

KreatureKind will rely heavily on approachable card battle encounters, between which you build and upgrade your decks. There will also be a story-focused campaign, through which you get to know the main characters, and try to save magic.

Genre: Wholesome Deckbuilder/Card Battler
Platforms: PC, Xbox, possibly others
Planned release: 2025

Valiant Game Studio makes wholesome and meaningful indie games! The studio was founded in 2017, is run by one full-time developer (Anna Högberg Jenelius) and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.


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